Wayne's World Turns - Segmented Wooden Bowls  

Custom, Hand-crafted Segmented Wooden Bowls


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First let me welcome you to my world of hand-crafted segmented wooden bowls. I have been a craftsman for many years including building entire buildings, furniture, painting, and now have settled into a my passion of crafting segmented wooden bowls.

I basically use various types of exotic specialty woods including Bubinga, Rosewood, Bloodwood, Purpleheart, Yellowheart, and Ebony. Each species of wood has it's own unique color and I can use wood dye to create almost any color desired. Pieces vary from short and tall bowls to platters and vases. Additionaly, each piece has a unique feature ring which consists of 100s of pieces in itself. The feature rings have been crafted to meet very special customer requests including a Golf bowl, bowls with company logos, and bowls with sport teams logos.

If you do not see a piece in the gallery that meets your desires, we can work together to design just the right piece for you.


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